Ref. No. Position Qualifications Years Exp
OP10001 Operator F.5 or above 1
AM10001 Account Manager/Account Executive Degree 1
AP10008 Analyst Programmer Degree 3
AP10002 Analyst Programmer / Senior Programmer Degree 1
AP10001 Analyst Programmer / Senior Programmer Degree 1
NM10002 Ass. Network Manager/Consultant (OSPF, BGP) Degree 3
NE10003 Assistant Manager, Network Engineering Degree 3
SE10001 Assistant Manager/ Senior Systems Engineer Bachelor Degree 7
DA10001 Assitant Database Administrator/ Database Administrator Bachelor Degree 2
NM10001 Assitant Network Manager Degree 2
CE10001 Computer Engineer N/A 1
SP10004 Contract System Programmer DB2 and SQL programming 3
DC10001 Data Communication network designer/ engineer Degree 2
SE10003 Internal Technical Support Engineer Diploma/Undergraduate Degree 3
IA10001 IT Auditor Degree 3
IP10002 IT Government Contract Programmer Higher Diploma or Degree 1
IP10001 IT Programmer / Network Administrator Bachelor Degree 3
IU10002 IT Security N/A 5
IU10001 IT Security Consultant Degree 5
IS10002 IT Specialist University / college graduate 3
IS10001 IT Specialist N/A 5
IS10003 IT Specialist - Network/System Degree/Higher Diploma 3
IE10001 IT/System Engineer Degree/Higher Diploma 2
MD10001 Multimedia Designer Diploma in Graphic 1
ND10001 Network / Data Security Professionals Tertiary 3
NE10002 Network Engineer High Diploma / Degree 3
NP10001 Network Professionals Tertiary 3
NS10001 Network Support Manager University graduate 4
NS10002 Network Support Manager University graduate 4
AP10006 PowerBuilder Analyst Programmer University Graduate 3
TE10001 Pre-sale Telecommunication Engineer Degree 2
PG10001 Programmer Technical Institute graduate 2
PG10003 Programmer Higher Diploma/Degree 1
PG10004 Programmer/Analyst Programmer Degree/Diploma 2
PM10001 Project Manager / Senior Consultant Degree 3
SM10001 Regional IT Security Manager Tertiary education 3
SC10001 Security Consultant Degree 5
SE10004 Security Engineer University degree 2
AP10005 Senior Analyst Programmer Degree/Higher Diploma 3
AP10004 Senior Analyst Programmer / Analyst Programmer Degree 2
AP10003 Senior Analyst Programmer / System Analyst Degree 3
AP10007 Senior Analyst Programmer/Systems Analyst Degree/Diploma 4
WD10002 Senior Creative Web Designer N/A 1
NC10001 Senior Network Consultant N/A 5
NE10001 Senior Network Engineer Degree 3
PG10002 Senior Progammer University graduates / Degree 3
WD10009 Senior Web Designer N/A 5
WP10003 Senior Web Programmer Degree 3
SD10001 Software Development Professionals Tertiary 3
SN10001 Sr. Network Security Specialist University graduate 4
SS10002 Storage/Security/Enterprise Mgt Sales Manager Degree 5
SA10004 System Analyst Bachelor Degree 2
SA10003 System Analyst / Programmer (AA) Degree 1
SA10002 System Architect Degree 2
SE10005 System Engineer Microsoft MCSE 2000 Cert. 3
SE10006 System Engineer Diploma 1
SE10002 System Engineer Degree 3
SP10003 System Programmer T.I. or above 1
SP10001 System Programmer Linux low level 2
SP10002 System Programmer/Programmer Degree/Higher Diploma 1
SS10001 System Support Officer Degree or Diploma 2
SA10001 Systems Analyst / Analyst Programmer / Programmer Diploma Holder/University Graduate 3
SN10002 Systems/Network Engineer WAN experience 5
TS10002 Technical Support Engineer TI or University graduated 3
TS10001 Technical Support Engineers Completion of F7 1
TW10001 Technical Writer N/A 2
WA10001 Web Application Developer Degree 3
WA10002 Web Application Developer Degree 3
WD10005 Web Designer Professional Diploma 2
WD10006 Web Designer Degree / diploma 1
WD10007 Web Designer Degree / diploma 3
WD10008 Web Designer N/A 1
WD10003 Web Designer Higher Diploma or University graduate 2
WD10001 Web Designer N/A 1
WD10004 Web Designer N/A 3
WL10001 Web Professionals Higher Diploma 2
WP10001 Web Programmer Degree / diploma 3
WP10002 Web Programmer / Java Programmer Degree 1
WS10001 Website Specialist University graduate 3